Roan is Life.

One late-August morning, we were talking with a new class of Roan Scholars following their return from the Outdoor Leadership Challenge. In summarizing the group's thoughts about their expectations of the program - and of themselves - one Scholar came up with the phrase, "Roan is Life." Those words stuck. Over time, they have become a mantra, of sorts.

Roan Alumni: When you first arrived at ETSU as a Roan Scholar, you may not have known exactly what you were getting into, how you would be challenged, or where your path would lead. But over your time on campus you explored; you stepped out of your comfort zone; you made friends and began to build a network; you saw the significance of service and leadership.

But you didn't stop there. Since Commencement, you have gone on to do more great things. Why? Because the Roan is not just a four-year program that you leave behind when you graduate. The challenges you overcame, the lessons you learned, the skills you honed, and the values you developed as a Roan Scholar are all part of who you are today. In other words, Roan is Life.

You have so much to offer the program and to those who are following in your footsteps. Will you partner with us?


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Share, Engage, Serve and Invest. Those are the four areas of commitment we ask of Roan Partners. This is a new initiative we are piloting with Alumni to encourage investment in Roan Scholars beyond only financial gifts. 

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