Living lives of excellence and impact,
long after they graduate.

Roan Alumni continue to live out lives of excellence and impact, long after they graduate. Since the first class of Scholars graduated in 2004, Roan Alumni have already begun making a mark on the Tri-Cities community, the region, and other locations around the country – as business leaders, doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, military officers, and in a host of other professional roles.

Not only are they recognized for excellence in their chosen career fields, but Roan Alumni also serve in numerous roles as community leaders, leveraging their abilities and experience to make a positive difference where they live.

Our Alumni also understand the importance of giving back – and do so in a number of meaningful ways. Involved in the selection process for new Roan Scholars, Alumni are engaged with current Scholars as well – participating in campus events, sharing presentations about various topics, and informally coaching and mentoring Scholars as they navigate their undergraduate years.

Roan Alumni offer our staff and Steering Committee insights about the Program that help drive continuous improvement. And they support the Roan financially, contributing to both our scholarship and programming funds.

As their ranks continue to grow in the coming years, so, too, will their collective impact. We’re excited about that future.

Meet the Roan Alumni