Roan is life.

One afternoon, we were talking with a new class of Roan Scholars. After some discussion about our values and expectations for Scholars, one of our Scholars wrote "Roan is life" on the white board. This encapsulated what we were trying to say. And it stuck as sort of a mantra.

When you first became part of the Roan at ETSU, you may not have known exactly what you were getting into. You learned the importance of service; you got out of your comfort zone; you built a network. But it didn't end there. You've gone on to do great things. Because the Roan is not just a four-year program that you leave behind. The lessons you learned, the values you honed, the challenges you overcame, it is part of who you are. In other words, Roan is life. Will you connect with the Roan and invest in future Scholars?



1. Become a Partner

Share, Engage, Serve and Invest. Those are the four areas of commitment we ask of Roan Partners. This is a new initiative that we are piloting with Alumni to encourage investment in Roan Scholars beyond only financial gifts. 

2. Sign Up for Automated Giving

It is easy, and a little each month can make a big impact over the long run. 

$5 per month = $60 per year = $240 total for four years = $12,000 total over four years if every Alumnus gave at least $5 per month. That's less than two lattes at Starbucks or a lunch out one day. You can do it!

Do you know what $12,000 could provide? 

  • 3 years of Outdoor Leadership Challenge
  • Half of a Scholar's Academic Experience, i.e., tuition, books and fees, housing
  • Nearly 5 Scholars' Summer of Service

3. Stay in Touch

Make sure we have your latest contact information and your preferred method of reaching out.