What is a Roan Partner?

A Roan Partner is a new designation for supporters who commit to sharing, engaging with, serving and investing in the Roan.


What does a partner do?

Share. Include your involvement with the Roan on your resume, LinkedIn, and other professional profiles. Follow us on social media and, when you see content that is meaningful to you, like, comment and share it with your friends. Tell others about the Roan and share your Roan story to help increase awareness of the program.

Engage. Engage with Roan Scholars by sharing your time, talents, knowledge and experience. Talk to a group of Scholars; mentor a Scholar; host a Roan visit to your place of work; provide shadowing or internship opportunities - these are just a few of the invaluable ways you can engage with Scholars. Use your experience and knowledge to show them various career paths, offer your perspective, and help them understand the kind of leader they want to become. 

Serve. The Roan depends on community leaders to interview prospective Roan Scholars (Regional Selection Committee), to oversee the program's strategic direction and select each new Roan class (Steering Committee), and to serve in a variety of other capacities as needed. Roan Partners express a willingness to serve and answer that call when they are able to do so. 

Invest. Make an annual or monthly gift to the Roan. Your gift - no matter the amount - is an important endorsement for the program. Funded primarily by private contributions, we carefully steward our gifts to develop our Scholars' leadership potential so they can make an impact - today and in the years to come.