Our Selection Process

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Each year, we open the window for nominations in mid-August.

High schools throughout the region conduct their own internal process to select nominees. Homeschool students apply directly to the Roan; their files are assessed by a pool of reviewers to identify those who will interview.

Completed files that are submitted by the designated deadline (typically in mid-October) are reviewed and assessed by our Regional Selection Committee members.

Committee members are typically business and community leaders from the region, who embody the same qualities we’re looking for in Roan Scholars, and who have a passion for what we’re doing. Representative Roan Alumni also serve on the Committee each year. Committee members are split into smaller teams, each of which covers one regional selection site.

In mid-to-late fall, students are interviewed, in person, at various sites throughout the region.

Following these regional interviews, select students are identified as finalists and invited to the ETSU campus for Roan Finalist Day (typically in early January). On that day, finalists meet and spend time with their fellow nominees, learn more about ETSU and the Roan, and participate in a series of interviews with members of our Roan Steering Committee.

While students often say that Finalist Day is intense, they also consistently describe the experience as “welcoming”; “friendly”; “rewarding and valuable”; and “a lot of fun!”  That’s precisely the atmosphere we strive to create; our goal is to help each student be sufficiently at ease to show us who they really are, and to confidently demonstrate the impressive qualities and credentials that allowed them to become a finalist in the first place.

Once we complete Finalist Day interviews, our Steering Committee members face the daunting task of selecting the next Roan Class. Offers are typically made to approximately half of the finalists.