Information for Nominating Schools

Learn more about our selection process,
and how to nominate a student for the Roan

The number of nominees from each high school is determined by the size of the senior class.

High schools with a senior class size of up to 199 may nominate 1 student;
200 – 299 seniors = 2 nominees;
300 – 399 seniors = 3 nominees;
400+ seniors = 4 nominees

Roan nominees have historically had strong high school academic credentials (average GPA above 3.9 and composite ACT of nearly 27, over the past three years) – and Roan Scholars tend to be excellent students in college.  Rather than focus primarily on academic credentials, however, the Roan is looking for those exceptional leaders within your senior class who have a strong ability (and desire) to identify and solve problems; who set the bar high and inspire others to be better; and who are making a significant positive impact on your school and in the community.

They’re the leaders who are respected and admired by their fellow students, as well as by the school’s teachers, staff and administrators; and who will leave big shoes to fill when they graduate.

They strive for excellence in all they do – in the classroom, on the athletic fields, in student organizations, or in other activities throughout the community. Their involvement may follow more traditional paths, or forge new ones.

Regardless of those choices, these students engage and serve because they’re truly interested; they care; they want to make a difference; and they have the capacity and drive to do so.

These are the kind of exceptional students the Roan is seeking.

To provide more information about the Roan criteria and an overview of our selection process, we’ve created the following short video just for high schools:

HS video image