What We Do

The Roan strives to develop each Scholar's leadership potential, while inspiring and equipping them for lifelong excellence and impact.

First, we identify and select the region’s best potential leadership talent from among graduating seniors throughout the region.

Each year, that rigorous process produces an incoming freshman class of Roan Scholars who have already shown an ability to excel as leaders, but who have the character, capacity, desire, and drive to achieve even more – who will make the most of their undergraduate years and develop into even stronger leaders in the years to come.

We develop each Roan Scholar’s unique leadership potential by providing resources; access to professional networks and the extended Roan family; and a framework of experiences and opportunities – as well as individualized support and mentoring. We help expand comfort zones and break through barriers.

We challenge and push Roan Scholars to take appropriate risk, but offer a safety net. Throughout, our focus is on increasing and accelerating our Scholars’ growth and development as leaders of excellence.

Lastly, we inspire our Scholars to lives of leadership excellence and lifelong impact, both in their chosen profession and as they serve – in their communities, throughout the region, and around the world.

The distinction of being a Roan Scholar doesn’t end with Commencement; that milestone simply marks the beginning of each Scholar’s time as a Roan Alumna/us. The context (life after college) changes; the results (excellence, impact) do not.