The Roan Experience

A comprehensive scholarship. Experience. Opportunity.
Access. Support. Excellence. Impact.

A comprehensive merit scholarship. Customized experiences and opportunities. Access to an ever-growing network of Roan Alumni, other professionals, and the entire extended Roan Family. Individual support and mentoring. Leadership Excellence. Lifelong Impact.

For Roan Scholars, their experience as undergraduates at East Tennessee State University is all that – and more.

The Roan provides a merit scholarship, covering up to eight semesters of:

  • Full tuition and fees
  • Room & board stipend
  • Allowance for books and supplies

Just as – and even more – importantly, the Roan is a true scholarship program, offering:

  • Workshops, seminars, and other opportunities to learn and grow – throughout the academic year
  • A framework of summer enrichment experiences, including:
    • Roan Outdoor Leadership Challenge – prior to the start of their freshman year, Roan Scholars participate in this week-long course designed to challenge them physically, mentally, and emotionally; to help them test their limits and expand the boundaries of their personal “comfort zone”; and to build a bond among their Class, as they learn to leverage each other’s strengths for the good of the entire group.
    • Non-profit internships – following their first year, Roan Scholars apply what they’ve learned – about leadership, and about themselves – over the past twelve months, by spending at least five weeks immersed in the not-for-profit world, learning about their chosen organization; leading a project; developing critical skills in areas such as problem-solving, communications, and team-building.  Scholars come away having received as much or more: an appreciation for the importance of non-profits within a community; the significance of philanthropy and service; and a better understanding of how their own individual actions and commitment to serve can make a tremendously positive impact on others.
    • Pre-professional and academic exploration – during their remaining two summers as undergraduates, Roan Scholars are encouraged to pursue a special interest, and to take advantage of opportunities to prepare for life after college, in their chosen profession.
    • Study or service abroad, research, internships within governmental agencies or the corporate sector, and other specially-designed experiences reinforce the importance of intellectual curiosity and the value of a broad base of knowledge.
  • Individualized support and mentoring throughout each Scholar’s undergraduate career, providing a safety net while encouraging and pressing them to stretch their own boundaries, leverage select opportunities, pursue dreams, take chances, learn and grow . . . to find and make their own significant impact

The Roan also helps connect current Scholars with Roan Alumni, community leaders from throughout the region, Roan Steering Committee members past and present, and other friends of the Program – many of whom are able to offer advice, support, and opportunities.

And because the ‘Roan Experience’ continues after college, our Alumni continue to grow and develop, leverage the support and encourage the Program can provide, and make an even greater impact within their profession and in their communities.